Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions when choosing colour enhanced mulch to enhance your landscape.

Are the colourants used safe for plants and animals?

Yes! The raw materials used to make the colourants are made from naturally occurring substances. The colourants are specifically formulated to be non toxic to plants and animals.

How much mulch should I apply?

Mulches are generally spread at a depth of 50 to 100mm depending on how well any given site is prepared.

How long do coloured mulches maintain their colour?

Coloured mulches will typically maintain their colour for more than one year, especially if raked occasionally to maintain a fresh look.

Colourbed is very intensively coloured and is renowned for its durability.

Do the colours ever wash off the mulch?

No. The colourants are specially-engineered to create an incredible bond with the wood fibres.  Once the colourant dries it’s on the mulch permanently.  Colourbed is very well aired and cured prior to bagging.

How often is re-mulching required?

Raking the mulch at 4 to 6 month intervals will rejuvenate the beds and allow aeration to plant roots.  Approximately every 12 months rake the mulch again and top dress with a new layer.

Is mulch detrimental to plant growth?

No using mulch will actually help your plants grow by better inhibiting unwanted weed growth and preventing weeds from breaking through the soil. Mulch also keeps the soil surface cool and help it retain moisture and nutrients. Plus mulch adds beauty and variety to the normal range of plants and foliage of any landscape.

Does the mulch deplete nitrogen levels in the soils?

As the wood breaks down initially it will use up some nitrogen in the soil. However, after the fibre decomposes it will restore the nitrogen back to the soil.

The best way to maintain good plant growth is to implement and follow recommended fertilizer programmes and good horticultural practice regardless of whether or not mulch is used.

For example you may want to apply a little fertilizer prior to mulching

Alternatively using a landscape fabric as a weed barrier keeps weeds down, reduces the amount of mulch required and minimizes potential depletion.